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MINASAN's first event, MINASAN NIGHT, was held last week!

It was held at 8NEST Share house in Shijo-Karasuma.

This event was planned and managed by students from Kyoto Koka Women's University Junior College!

The students are taking English classes and were very nervous at first to speak English with foreigners for the first time.

Many people participated in the event, including residents of 8NEST Share House, customers of MINASAN, and my friends!

First, Ms. Tou of Connect study, a study abroad agent for Japanese, talked about "studying abroad after Corona".

Then, Mr. John, who has been living at 8NEST sharehouse for a long time, talked about "how he found a job in Japan.

He said that he found his job through his friend's introduction.

After their talk, we played a game that all the students came up with!

First, we played the "Pictionary" game. Everyone was very nervous as the game was explained in both English and Japanese (lol).

The students were asked to answer the picture in English or Japanese if they were studying Japanese.

It's easier to remember vocabulary when you study from pictures!

Then we played the "Yamanote Line Game". This was also explained to the students in English and Japanese.

The theme of the game was "English words starting with A" and the students said words related to the theme in rhythm.

We will have "MINASAN NIGHT" again regularly ⭐️.

It's a great opportunity to make lots of friends, so please join us!

Even if you've never used MINASAN before, feel free to join us!

I'll make another announcement about next event!

If you are interested contact us ♪



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