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Would you be interested in learning more about share house

The name of the apartment is "8NEST Share House 東寺ハウス"

Let me introduce a new apartment to you .

This apartment is 12.5square meters in size and near the well-known tourist attraction Toji Temple.

Close to Kyoto Station,Nintendo company.

  • It is just a short 10 minutes walk to the nearest subway station,"Jujo Station".

  • The apartment has convenient access to KintetsuKyoto Line/Jujo station in 3 minutes.

  • 15 minutes walk to Kyoto Station.

The monthly rent for this apartment is only 41,000 yen. It is made of reinforced concrete, providing excellent sound insulation .This charming property offers a comfortable living space at an affordable price.

The kitchen will be like this

The garden

The living room

The room

Find the house in Google House

If you are interested,please feel free to contact us

We look forward to welcoming you for a visit.



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