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Hello. It is MINA.

I know how confusing it can be for foreigners to find an apartment when first moving to a new country. I experienced it myself when I went abroad and have heard countless stories from my friends here in Kyoto. From key money to calculating utilities and wifi, things can get complicated and at MINA we are here to guide and simplify those things. 

We are here to tell you the full insight on life here in Kyoto only locals would know. From locating the best place for your daily commute and also your personal interests. 

Multilingual staff

We provide our services in Japanese, English and Spanish.

We will do our best to accommodate your preferred language so do not hesitate to contact us. 

The largest foreigner-friendly property database in Japan

Our specialized license allows us exclusive access to new listings, which our agents personally curate for customers. Where up to 90% of properties listed on other real estate sites are already taken or not foreigner-friendly, we only shortlist foreigner- friendly, available properties.

Easy online applications

Where traditional leasing applications often involve 4-5 pages of handwriting in Japanese and a Hanko stamp by tenants, we have streamlined this process into one comprehensive online application form, which can be completed in Englsih.

Support your Kyoto life

after moving in

Our support does not end at the signing of your new home. We are here to help start your life here with no extra charge.

We offer language exchange events and get togethers at local hotspots. We want your life here in Kyoto to be a positive experience making new friends and being part of the community. 

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