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Are you looking for an apartment in Kyoto?

Here are some Japanese phrases to help you find an apartment in Japan!

Real estate company – 不動産会社, fudousangaisha

Real estate agent – 不動産屋, fudousanya

Tenant – 借家人, shakuyanin

Monthly rent – 家賃, yachin

Deposit – 敷金, shikikin, or 保証金, hoshoukin *Usually one to two months' rent.

Guarantor – 保証人, hoshounin *A guarantor is a person who promises to cover the rent or compensation for damages in the event that you are unable to pay the rent or suddenly have to return to your country. In most cases, a Japanese guarantor is required, but a guarantor company may also be requested, or 保証会社, hoshougaisha.

Key money – 礼金, reikin *Reikin is money paid to the landlord. In Japan, there are many properties that do not require key money.

Contract – 契約, keiyaku

Renewal fee – 更新料, koshinryo *The contract term for general leases in Japan is two years. Some landlords charge a renewal fee of about one month's rent if you continue to live in the apartment for more than two years.

Contract cancellation fee – 解約金, kaiyakukin

Insurance – 保険, hoken e.g fire insurance – 火災保険, kasai hoken

Apartment (older, wooden apartments) – アパート, apaato

Standalone house – 一戸建て, ikkodate

Condominium-type concrete apartments – マンシォン, manshon

Share house – シェアハウス, sheahausu

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